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"Bankers" refuse our legal investment capital and BLOCK AHEPco from working!...
...Helping to destroy the planet even further. The truth about "bankers"?...
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Evil hypocrites harm the planet: VanCity, Royal Bank, CIBC, (etc).
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April 11 2016

Purple Crow personally invited by former Canadian National Defense Minister Paul Hellyer to join the Canadian Bank Reformers Group.
Canadian Bank Reformers - Honourable Paul T Hellyer - Full Speech



WARNING! Derek Kesek, Hemp Plane, Hemp Earth, etc does a lot of talking and plays the New Age card to warm up to people, but there's very little evidence of any contracts with anyone he claims to be working with.

Derek Kesek never had a contract with AHEPco or Purple Crow. We were warned by a famous hemp documentary film producer NOT to waste our time on him or his project. Today proves this.

You can't have a cleaner and greener planet by focusing on 'getting high' as a play on words when there's serious business to be done in the alternative fuel industry.

If you see our logo anywhere relating to Derek Kesek or his 'world's first hemp plane', notify us by e-mail ASAP, thanks kindly.

Just say no to New Age ('2012') mumbo jumbo.

More shocking evidence of Derek Kesek being a FRAUD from an independent journalist: https://drew4you.wordpress.com


TD bank (Canada) refuses to be responsible to the planet and it's a SECRET as to why!

Written by Purple Crow on 4/9/2014 at 12 noon.

Aleem Pabani, Manager of Customer relations of TD bank, has told Purple Crow, the President of AHEPco Ltd (Akakor Hemp-Ethanol Permaculture Community www.hemppermaculture.com ), that they want nothing to do with his money, the one million dollars investment capital that he has been promised privately to help fund his GREEN planet saving business. Their 'reaon'? ...Because hemp (a simple plant that grows naturally on this planet, has its roots in ancient China, Egypt and North American history, has been responsible for ZERO deaths world wide, has been proven medically and scientifically to cure cancer, has been licensed for SALE through HEALTH CANADA) is a 'risk' (to what? to who?)... and the details of the reasons for those 'internal banking decisions' are a SECRET! (You could easily imagine the cigarette smoking man from X-Files looming in the background as the opinion of "TD bank" (Aleem Pabani) is spoken on official record.)

Oil based gasoline is a horribly toxic expensive planet killer, and it is running out, most countries have to go to WAR to get it, the Alberta tar sands in Canada are KILLING the planet, spills are an environmental catastrophe, etc, etc... and Purple Crow, the Founder and President of AHEPco can turn your current car into a SOLAR POWERED vehicle in less than 10 minutes so it can use his solar fuel, which he calls 'liquid sunshine' (hemp based cellulosic ethanol)... but the banks want absolutely NOTHING to do with him, his team, or the state of the planet they are COMPLICIT in KILLING... the same planet you and your children live on! What does that tell you about how important these fractional reserve fiat money banking institutions really are and who's actually in the way of the future survival of this planet and ALL LIFE upon it, not just humans?

TD bank doesn't care to help save the planet with AHEPco's solar fuel for your car or their investment money (privately offered)... do they want or care about your money either? You decide.

The truth is exposed for all of humanity to witness, for everyone to learn from equally and to never forget. May they learn their lessons well.

Aleem Pabani - Manager, Customer Relations - Office of the Senior Vice President - Pacific Region - TD Canada Trust
77 King Street West, TD North Tower 18th Floor, Toronto, ON, M5K 1A2 1-855-884-5140

Regarding donations to help fund our GREEN planet saving company and to assure your future survival during this global environmental collapse... As of this date I accept direct physical transfers of private cash, private gold, private barter, private trade, etc... and am willing to pay people a portion of your investment/funding in order to protect our shared survival privately (when the amount requires such protection). If YOU want a safer, cleaner more affordable future for you and your family, make it happen. If you don't care at all, don't do anything.

Nikola Tesla, Henry Ford, John Lennon... gone but NEVER FORGOTTEN.

VanCity is no better... 100% anti-green hypocrisy.

A world without solar fuel is a toxic wasteland. No more oil or nukes!!!


Public press release.  Please share with assorted media - thank-you.

VanCity credit union of Vancouver BC refuses to open business account for local alternative food, fuel and fiber hemp based company. Keith (with no last name), a VanCity corporate official, at 3:15 pm today (Thursday the 2nd of May, 2013), called Purple Crow at his home office, after making him wait for three weeks to 'decide' if they will accept the possible federal funding the government is offering him for his hemp based alternative fuel corporation which he spent three years developing without any funding what so ever, to tell him, "Due to your involvement in the hemp trade industry (Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance), we are refusing your money, and no, you are not allowed to open a business bank account at VanCity as a result of the hemp issue. Please stop applying to do business with us."

This is the second time VanCity corporate has 'considered' letting Purple Crow, a leader in Canadian alternative fuel development, open a basic business account to be able to receive funding for his efforts.

Clearly VanCity is not as 'green' as they claim all over their locations' walls and throughout their assorted self-promotional pamphlets, nor are they truly interested in making big money (1 to 3 million dollars is currently being negotiated for AHEPco Ltd, which VanCity is aware of) with companies such as the kind Purple Crow has dedicated his life into developing.

The hypocrisy of VanCity must be publicly noted as Purple Crow considers taking the offers from assorted possible funders elsewhere.  Let this public record stand as a testimony of VanCity's decision making process against helping Canadians save the environment as a public community effort.

VanCity is not as "Green" as they claim!  Take your business elsewhere, by their request.

It makes you wonder who's behind these decisions, doesn't it?  Do your own digging and discover for yourself. Let Purple know what you discover if you wish, but he takes his work far too seriously to focus on playing detective when VanCity has made it quite clear that they do not support alternative fuel money being transferred through their credit union.  Perhaps you can talk to your government and the media about this with Purple's blessing.  Again, the Federal government in Canada is already asking for more information publicly regarding the exponential growth of the hemp industry and wants to offer funding to companies like Purple's AHEPco Ltd.

See his website for more details and updates.  www.HempPermaculture.com


Canadian hemp growing like a weed, experts ponder how to help industry blossom
By John Cotter, The Canadian Press | Mon, 5 Nov, 2012

The preliminary estimate for this year's hemp crop is 8,000 hectares.

Inside Canada
By John Cotter, The Canadian Press

EDMONTON - Canada's small hemp industry is growing like a weed, but still faces some hurdles because of its illegal and potent cousin, marijuana.

This week, farmers, scientists, health food experts, retailers and fashion designers are meeting in Edmonton to celebrate hemp and discuss how to help products derived from the plant to blossom on world markets.

Kim Shukla, executive director of the Canadian Hemp Trading Alliance, says production in this country is forecast to almost double by 2015.

"That will translate to about $100 million to the Canadian economy," she said from her farm near Steinbach, Man. "Saskatchewan is by far the leading province, followed by Manitoba and Alberta."

Both hemp and marijuana stem from the Cannabis sativa plant family, but hemp contains virtually none of the elements of the THC compound found in marijuana that makes people high.

The 200 or so growers across the country are all licensed by Health Canada and can only plant seeds that have been approved by the federal government.

Canadian hemp growers are more interested in filling food bowls than bong bowls.

Hemp is filled with nutritious Omega 3 and 6 and is used to make breakfast cereals, pretzels, protein powders, salad dressings and lactose-free milk.

Fibre from the hardy plant is made into building products, paper and clothes. Hemp oil is used to make cosmetics.

Shukla said Canada's main market for hemp products is the United States, where the federal government has been leery of approving cultivation of the plant because it looks similar to marijuana.

But U.S. officials have no problem with Canadian-grown hemp products. Demand for health food and other products derived from the plant is high.

"Everyone is much more conscious about their health," she said. "That is a market that hasn't even nearly reached what the potential is."

The hemp business is downright respectable in Canada.

Alberta's agriculture minister is to open the convention and trade show today and the federal government plans to make a funding announcement in support of Canada's growers.


May 2012: We have had some absolutely amazing people come to us recently and some have chosen to become directly involved with us and are fast becoming part of the family of Akakor. The positivity is fantastic. Thank-you for bringing such wonderful energy to our community.

Also there has been some interest from independent investors recently and we are extremely excited about their interest in us.

We are currently seeking a volunteer web designer who can design us an entire new website for both domain names. Reasonable offers considered. Payment pending quality demonstrable skills as a volunteer. Must have a positive attitude and fully understand our business and community needs.

"Purple is an enthusiastic and ardent entrepreneur. I admire his relentless spirit in the face of adversity. He is an amazing human who is determined to make the world a better place and his willingness to take on this enormous project holds nothing but my complete admiration and support. He is truly a global citizen and I encourage others to get behind him in this endeavor." ~ Gale Frost, Professional writer, actor.

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