Akakor Hemp-Ethanol Permaculture Community
Doing what's right for the planet

Our company proudly supports the freedom of alternative lifestyles in staff, customers, clients and business associates
making our employment standards among the most truly liberated and tolerant in Canada.

AHEPco Ltd is a Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance (CHTA) member.

Current Ethanol plants in North America.

You can see why we are so badly needed here in Western Canada.

Our plans.

Fleet businesses: Imagine your entire fleet running on cheaper, cleaner, natural, permaculturally based, environmentally friendly fuel and what that means to your entire business reputation and your bottom line. Just imagne what we can do for you!

According to projections, we should be able to offer you direct sales of Ethanol for your automobile at about $0.75 per litre as opposed to the current $1.40 per litre for gasoline (2012 prices).

We will also be able to provide you with the best local cattle feed (distillers grains or "DDGS") as well which is high in protein and essential fats for their diet.

We'll also be producing xylitol, a sugar that even diabetics can consume without any worry to their health.

We will also be offering you our own brand of Hemp seed snacks at local farmers markets in BC for your hiking, camping and fishing trips or even for your kids school lunches to keep them going.

Most of our hemp seeds will be processed and then sold through another company which we already have an agreement with who can distribute this marvelous health food world wide.

Many of our hemp bales can also be purchased for your own processing for things like paper and clothing products and can even be used as a substitute for plastic!

We also have a feature page about our organic garden and local farmers markets where you will be able to purchase some of our food that we will also grow ourselves.

How you can get involved - One of three ways.

1. Interested in supporting, investing or donating towards your own survival on this planet while generating new jobs for a small Permaculture community under development? We are planning fundraisers in the near future to help generate revenue as well as to help keep on informing the public about the benefits of switching over to Ethanol fuel. Meanwhile our ears are open to your ideas regarding investment capital. Your financial support will help re-green the planet starting today. Contact the President for more information.

2. We are gathering serious volunteers and dedicated souls who want to work with us on this project, some of whom will become paid staff once the farm is in production. Dedicating 2-3 hours per day working with us and attending meetings and events together is very important to start, and eventually you could become full time paid staff on site working the farm side by side with us. Imagine this on your resume: "Worked for an Ethanol fuel company that helped get the world off oil while cleaning up the environment at the same time." The farm will be located in BC's interior to help supply Vancouver and the entire province with clean karma free fuel.

3. Consultants are also always welcome - the more the merrier. This is a really fun project to be a part of and your level of involvement is up to you. Your past experience on any level is a great help to assure us a smoother ride. Thank-you for your generous advice and support along the way to help us clean and re-green the planet.

We can also help start up other farms as a consultant or even franchise our company as time rolls on. The possibilities are endless with The Akakor Hemp-Ethanol Permaculture Community.

Our Certificate of Incorporation - January 23rd 2012.

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