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"Bankers" refuse our legal investment capital and BLOCK AHEPco from working!...
...Helping to destroy the planet even further. The truth about "bankers"?...
Do three parentheses need to replace the quotation marks?
Evil hypocrites harm the planet: VanCity, Royal Bank, CIBC, (etc).
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April 11 2016

Purple Crow personally invited by former Canadian National Defense Minister Paul Hellyer to join the Canadian Bank Reformers Group.
Canadian Bank Reformers - Honourable Paul T Hellyer - Full Speech

www.permaculture.com - Our USA associate, David Blume - Alcohol can be a gas.
www.projectgulfimpact.org - Project gulf impact.
http://alternativefuels.about.com/od/ethanole85/Buying_a_FlexFuel_Vehicle.htm - Available flex-fuel vehicles (FFVs) and models that can fuel up with Ethanol, gasoline or any combination of the two.
www.miraclesource.com/vision.php - Our BC associate, John. Hemp seeds are a miracle food for your body.
www.xylitolcanada.com/what-is-xylitol - Xylitol is an all natural sweetener that looks and tastes like sugar. Xylitol is naturally occurring in many of the fruits and vegetables we eat on a daily basis.
www.hempplastic.com - Hemp plastic products save the planet.
www.hoodlamb.com - AHEPco President's choice for awesome hemp clothing. All kinds of items. Highly recomended for quality and durability.
www.herbco.com/t-Herb-Resources.aspx - Thanks to Ashley for this link.
www.gpreinc.com - Green Plains Renewable Energy Inc.
www.omaha.com/article/20110325/MONEY/703259864 - Ethanol profitable on its own. Green Plains news article.
www.growthenergy.org/about-growth-energy/about-intro - Supporters of ethanol.
www.upienergylp.com - A dedicated provider of exceptional quality energy products in rural Ontario.
www.royalpurple.com - Royal Purple manufactures high performance lubricants for most automotive, industrial, marine, motorcycle and racing applications.
http://thevenusproject.com - Beyond politics, poverty and war.
http://phoenixtears.ca - The therapeutic benefits of hemp oil.
http://wolfmaan.com - Adventurer, Outdoor educator, Wilderness guide.
www.langleyrealtors.ca - Paul Frost - Fraser Valley realestate - Homelife benchmark.
www.unclefatih.com - AHEPco President's choice for the best pizza in Vancouver, Uncle Fatih's pizza.
www.facebook.com/jefferson.commercial - AHEPco President's choice for all your essential hair needs, Jefferson's Barber Shop.
thosethings.bandcamp.com - The music of Those Things with Jeff Speers (Jefferson's Barber Shop).
www.befraudaware.ca - Be fraud aware. Invest wisely.

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