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Permaculture = Paganism

What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a system of tools, strategies, and methodologies for designing human systems that function like natural systems. Permaculture presents a way of understanding and taking action in the world that allows us to create a "permanent culture," from farming to economics to education, that is sustainable indefinitely and that becomes more abundant with time.

No doubt you have wondered about our corporate logo and what it means to us.

Permaculture and Paganism are inseperable. It is the highest level of self-respect on a global scale which spans several future generations at a time. It is our ancient birthright and a tradition which pre-dates the invention of the automobile. Pagans have always taken care of their homes, community and the planet because that is the way they have always been brought up. Native cultures of all kinds around the globe from the ancient Celts of Europe to ancient North Americans have always remained true to their roots because they know what works after a few thousand years of living upon this planet in a healthy manner. The Earth is not here for us to exploit or abuse, that mode of thinking is far too short-sighted and we have seen the results on a global scale of exactly where that kind of past thinking got us and our families today. It's time for change, for some people... for the rest of us we are simply continuing the way of planning several generations into the future with what we do today.

Henry Ford knew that farmers were already brewing Alcohol and it could be found just about anywhere in the country, so he created cars that he could sell easily (using common sense and thinking permaculturally) since they already had the fuel for their new cars already in their possession. It is this type of vision that we honour in our community greatly.

See our front page for a video featuring Henry Ford's and indeed the world's first vehicles that were all flex fuel automobiles.

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